Problem with quering BIND on localhost

cindyjohnson1 at cindyjohnson1 at
Mon Oct 29 10:01:31 UTC 2007

If your localhost isn't included as in the acl then this is the correct response.  Without seeing your named.conf and domain files, this is a best guess of the problem to be fixed.

>From: =?ISO646-US?Q?Johan_Schr=3Fder?= <mail at>
>Date: 2007/10/29 Mon AM 04:34:07 CDT
>To: bind-users at
>Subject: Problem with quering BIND on localhost
>I have a -probably simple- question. I'm runnung BIND 9 on a Ubuntu 
>server and I've already set up different zone files. When I try to query 
>BIND on the local machine, I get this error:

> > nslookup localhost
>Server:         localhost
>** server can't find SERVFAIL
>I do not understand why I get this error, because BIND is already 
>running and also a ACL is set up.
>Regards, Johnny

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