check-integrity complains while deleting MX record with no A record, but not while deleting.

Jack Tavares j.tavares at
Mon Oct 29 11:11:20 UTC 2007

I am using bind9.4.1-P1
I am using nsupdate to add MX records
I added an MX record that does not refer to an A record.
update add   500 IN MX 1
There is no A record for ""
It allows me to do this with no complaints.
However, when I try to delete this record with
update delete   500 IN MX 1
I get 
update failed: REFUSED
This behavior continues until I set check-integrity no;
 in the options clause.
The following settings made no difference:
check-names master ignore;
check-mx ignore;
check-mx-cname ignore;
My question is:
Shouldn't it also complain while ADDing the MX record
Having it complain while trying to delete a bad record seems
  problematic. If I have a misconfigured record, I have to reset
check-integrity to no,
  delete the bogus record, and the set check-integrity back to yes?
Jack Tavares
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