check-integrity complains while deleting MX record with no A record, but not while deleting.

Jack Tavares j.tavares at
Mon Oct 29 11:56:23 UTC 2007

> ->  
> > Shouldn't it also complain while ADDing the MX record
> 	Yes.  If you check the upcoming fixes on the web page
> 	or 9.4.2rc1 you will see that this is fixed.
> Thank you.
> So it will complain during the ADD?
> Will it still complain during the DELETE?
> It seems to me, anyway, that deleting an invalid record should be
> possible.

2219.   [bug]           Apply zone consistancy checks to additions, not
                        removals, when updating. [RT #17049]

Thank you. 
I grepped for "MX" and "delet" and "check-integrity" and "integrity"
and none of that worked. Then scanned it visually and missed that.


Is there a bugzilla (or other tool) database that mere mortals can have
access to for bind?


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