Building bind-9.4.1-P1 on sco

Phil Nick news at
Wed Sep 5 16:29:21 UTC 2007

I am trying to get bind-9.4.1-P1 to build on sco. I have been using these
configure options:

CFLAGS='-DFD_SETSIZE=150' ./configure --disable-threads --disable-ipv6
--disable-shared --enable-static

My goal is to generate static libs.

The problem I am running into is the lib/dns/gen core dumps during the
build. I have found if I do not link the gen.c with the socket libs it
builds and runs, but the binaries resulting from the build core dump (ex.
nslookup). I have been digging around in the gen.c in an attempt to figure
out what it is doing. I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on
the gen.c as the comments are sparse.

I am also wondering if the real problem is not gen.c but the socket libs on
this system.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?


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