Building bind-9.4.1-P1 on sco

Evan Hunt Evan_Hunt at
Wed Sep 5 19:42:08 UTC 2007

> When I look in /opt/K/SCO/Unix I just see 5.0.6Ga/
> I am assuming this means its un-patched? Could this be the problem?

It definitely could be.  The changes between 5.0.6 and 5.0.6a were
massive; every system library was touched, and so was the dynamic
linker.  I don't have an unpatched 5.0.6 system to try it and see,
but it wouldn't surprise me if that were your problem.

There should be a release supplement disk in your media kit; if not,
you can download from
(I used to work for SCO, can you tell?)

Another difference between your system and mine is the gcc version;
I'm using 2.95.3.

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