Debian vs SuSE

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Sep 12 00:14:57 UTC 2007

	Name.conf and zone files have different syntax.

	You are attempting to read a zone file as part of named.conf.


> I am moving a working BIND from a SuSE box to a Debian (Etch) box.  I've 
> tried scp, copy/paste and  touching a new file, typing from scratch ... 
> all with the same result.
> When I rndc reload or start, I start off with a string of errors
> unknown option '$TTL'
> unknown option 'Who'
> unknown option 'Serial'
> I've tried starting with a comment (semi-colon) and it eliminates all 
> those errors, and then gives   syntax error near ';'
> Is there some nuance between SuSE and Debian I am missing?
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