Best GUI tool for managing BIND 9.x

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at
Wed Sep 12 19:22:39 UTC 2007

On 9/12/07, Ryan McCain <Ryan.McCain at> wrote:
> Stephen,
> I am now thinking of just manually updating the zone files due to us having such a small environment.  Do I sill need to freeze the zone before updating a zone file or can that be done on the fly?

Not sure what you mean by freeze the zone? I normally do the following:

1) Create CVS tree
2) cvs import zone and associated files
3) cvs co zone as a user
4) edit the files
5) cvs commit # see if we have errors.
6) use a tested script to push files to correct places
7) reload and look for errors :). # best to do this on a test server.
8) fix errors and push fixed code.

Now thats the old fashioned way, and the various gui's will do the
syntax checking or make sure you can't make mistakes like


which will give you an error later. If your business procedures and
choices are that your admins are to be data-entry level versus knowing
the innards of bind, I would suggest a GUI (I do like Men and Mice,
but am a customer :)). If your business procedures are to train the jr
admins to become sr admins someday... the above would be an ok way for
doing so.

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