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Chris Buxton cbuxton at
Wed Sep 12 19:38:26 UTC 2007

What name server are you using to resolve names, by default? Does  
that name server by any chance have a private version of your domain,  
either as an authoritative zone or as a forward or stub zone pointing  
to an authoritative zone?

During the course of the +trace operation, it is my understanding  
that 'dig' does not use the glue records returned with the referrals.  
Instead, it asks the local resolving name server to look up those  
other name server names. It is therefore possible, if you have an  
intranet version of the same domain name that does not define the  
addresses of your public name servers, to see the type of results  
that you are seeing.

 From the outside, as Edward Lewis pointed out, there does not appear  
to be any inconsistency that would cause this problem.

Chris Buxton
Men & Mice

On Sep 12, 2007, at 12:07 PM, Ryan McCain wrote:

> I used the dig +trace and get this..
> --SNIP---
>            7200    IN      NS      SERVER.NOC.LA.NET.
>            7200    IN      NS      OTC-DNS1.LSU.EDU.
> ;; Received 94 bytes from in 58 ms
>        86400   IN      NS
>        86400   IN      NS       
> ;; Received 106 bytes from in 1 ms
> dig: couldn't get address for '': not found
> ---
> It looks like our secondary external DNS server isn't resolving.   
> Strange.
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