Breaking up a class for delegation

Bischof, Ralph F. (MSFC-NNM04AA02C)[SAIC] Ralph.Bischof at
Mon Sep 24 19:10:25 UTC 2007

Hello all,

	This may not be a BIND-specific question. If so, I apologize. I
also have looked at RFC2317. Here is my dilemma:

	I have that is delegated to a Center (see Since the Center
is not using the whole B, they decided to give away the upper half to a
project within NASA that is needing space. Yet, the original Center does
not want to be responsible for the upper half. Therefore, I must look at
delegating half of the B to one entity and the other half to the other.

	My thought is that instead of having a single delegation to the
two nameservers as I do now, I will have to take the single delegation
( and give it 256 entries. The first 128 entries
would be delegations to at least two nameservers for the original Center
and the second set of 128 entries to at least two nameservers for the
new project. Then, each of the two delegatees (is that a word?) would
need to also build up 128 zone files as they saw fit.

	Is there another way? If not, I am good with that idea. I just
wanted to make sure that I have not missed something that has come out

Thank you,
Ralph Bischof
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