How do you guys keep your zones up to date?

blrmaani blrmaani at
Sat Sep 29 08:56:18 UTC 2007

We use in-house developed wrapper script ( kshell script) around
nsupdate to
update the zones.

Manually editing zone files may not be advisible ( if you forget to
update the serial number,
the new entries will not propogate to the slaves).

You can just use nsupdate with pre-configured file.


On Sep 28, 1:19 pm, "Ryan McCain" <Ryan.McC... at> wrote:
> Sorry to be a dead horse but just curious how you guys update your zones?
> 1) A tool such as Men & Mice
> 2) good ole vi
> 3) customer scrips
> 4) other
> Just curious..

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