catch all zone

etr theskilly_NOSPAM_ at
Sun Sep 30 13:07:14 UTC 2007

Hi to all,

i would like to implement a dns service that works in this way:

If a domain requested exists my server will answer with the correct IP but
if a domain does not exist, i would like to answer with a "standard IP".

Request:  Answer:
Request:  Answer:
Request Answer:

I've tried to do this adding a "." zone to the named.conf, the standard
answer for unextisting domains works succesfully but, of course, i can't
solve any domain for wich i'm not authoritative because i do not know how to
add the standard zone for the root ns.

Thanks in advance for any hint.


P.S.  I think that what i want is similar to what OpenDNS offers in fact,
when you type an incorrect domain, you a redirected to a search page ...

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