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To verify that the gcc compiler is causing the large image size
differences I replaced the gcc3.4.6 with gcc3.3.2 on the other Solaris10
system and built bind9.3.6. The image file on this system was indeed
much larger when made with gcc3.3.2 as was seen on the original
Solaris10 system. Going back to the 3.4.6 compiler returned the smaller
image. Bind seems to work fine on either image.

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> I have a server running Solaris10 and bind9.3.6 compiled with
gcc3.3.2. The build was done with ./configure, make. The image size
seems rather large at 10637668 bytes vs 4459328 bytes on a different
Solaris10 system. Any ideas about the image size difference?

was bind built by hand on the different Solaris10 system? if it's stock
(can't recall if there's a SUNWbind or whatever package), the binary is
probably stripped.

man strip for more details.
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