Oddities in my named.log. Can you explain?

Keve Nagy dont.spam at see.my.sig
Sat Dec 6 09:33:12 UTC 2008

Michael Milligan wrote:
> [Note: this is really off-topic for bind-users...]

How a Microsoft Active Directory controller works and what it does is 
indeed off-topic in this news group. Your nudging is noted.
In my defense however, I could't have known this without the answer, 
having only a "strongly BIND related" question. :-)

Now that I learnt that this is related to a Win2000 and Win2003 
behaviour I agree, its further discussion doesn't belong here.
I am moving the topic to a more appropriate news group.

> The first default site name was renamed to
> Alapertelmezett-elso-hely-neve, this should give you a clue for tracking
> this down.

Not really.
"Alapertelmezett-elso-hely-neve" translates directly to 
"Default-first-place-name". So I believe the remote host is just using a 
localized language version of a windows server. :-)

Thanks for the pointers!
Your help is very much appreciated.


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