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Sat Dec 6 16:38:55 UTC 2008

Binmakhashen, Latif wrote:
>  Bad  configuraiton like what? Would you mind to elaborate please?
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> On 06.12.08 06:51, Binmakhashen, Latif wrote:
>> # nslookup
>> ;; Got recursion not available from [IP Removed], trying next server
>> ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached
>> I'm having trouble resolving internet queries from my server. 
>> The next servers are in the DMZ zones and I can not reach so I already
>> know why the next server times out but I should be able to resolve
>> internet queries from my server.

are you on the name server running that query?

You aren't providing enough information to troubleshoot with.  There are 
dozens of reasons you could be getting this.  Do you really expect us to 
list them all?  here are a few.

- network issues
- firewall issues
- name server configuration issues
- stub resolver issues

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