named-checkconf error

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Mon Dec 8 16:00:08 UTC 2008

On Dec 7 2008, Mark Andrews wrote:

>named-checkzone calls getaddrinfo() to lookup addresses of servers
>which are not in the zone.  That lookup has failed.
>For a start I would fix this delegation error.  The NS RRset on both
>sides of the delegation should be the same.
>            172800  IN      NS
>            172800  IN      NS
>;; Received 116 bytes from in 175 ms
> 7200   IN      A
>            86400   IN      NS
>            86400   IN      NS
>;; Received 125 bytes from in 227 ms

It seems rather unlikely that this has anything to do with the OP's problem,
as the IP addresses of ns{1,2} and ns{1,2} are the
same, i.e. 216.83.188.{8,9}, in the glue as well as in the zones.

But technically, of course, Mark is right: you ought to fix this
(for as well as for

In message <493B2B5D.40903 at>, Steve Shockley wrote:

> I'm running BIND 9.4.2 on OpenBSD 4.3.  I'm getting some errors with 
> named-checkconf I don't really understand.  I'm running:
> named-checkzone -t /var/named 
> /master/
> and I get:
> zone getaddrinfo( 
> failed: non-recoverable failure in name resolution
> This appears to happen with all zones with MX records that are in a 
> different zone.  The zone loads and seems to work as expected.  What's 
> going wrong?

Something is wrong with the configuration of the host on which you
ran named-checkzone. Either its resolver configuration is screwed,
or getaddrinfo() isn't getting as far as using the resolver. Can
you do host address lookups at all there?

You can suppress the check by using "-i local" on named-checkzone
(see the man page). But it would be better to fix the configuration
problem, of course.

Chris Thompson
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