setup default DNS server with only one record

Matthew Pounsett matt at
Thu Dec 11 17:18:04 UTC 2008

On 11-Dec-2008, at 04:08 , Chris Henderson wrote:

> I am trying to setup a default DNS server for one of my restricted
> network segment so that no matter what people type in their browser,
> they will be redirected to a single IP address or the hostname. The
> zone file that I have setup is partially working - it resolves
> <anything> to a single IP address but doesn't resolve
> <anything> (eg. - it just gives up.
> Here is my zone file. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Your DNS server needs to be authoritative for all of the zones you  
want to do this with.  In order to do this to *all* host names, your  
name server is going to have to claim to be authoritative for the root.
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