50 million records under one domain using Bind

Vinay Y S vinay at vys.in
Sat Dec 13 11:39:57 UTC 2008

I am studying the scalability and performance characteristics of
different DNS servers. Goal is to find the best suitable server to
host a single domain with 50 million records. I am planning to install
Fedora 10 x86_64 on a 32GB RAM machine and use the Bind that comes
with it for this experiment.

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding how to accomplish
this with Bind, it would be greatly helpful.

Specifically, I would like to know what build or config options I
would have to tweak to make it work best for this scale.

Also, is there any known deployments of bind of this scale out there?

Vinay Y S
p.s: Where do you guys hang out? Any IRC channel for bind users/developers?

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