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Leonardo Rodrigues Magalhães leolistas at
Sat Dec 13 13:50:52 UTC 2008


    i'm trying to run bind 9.5.0-P2 on a very low memory system. It's a 
RouterBoard 450 with 32Mb RAM running OpenWRT.

root at sede:~# cat /proc/meminfo
MemTotal:        29920 kB

    the problem is that bind seems to consume a LOT of memory ... well, 
a lot for low memory devices, i never noticed that on machines with GBs 
of RAM.

    Right after starting, bind uses 15% of my system memory, which would 
be about almost 4,5Mb. And memory usage grows when requests are being 
answered. I have seen bind using 25% of my memory, which would be about 
7.5Mb. Of course there's all the cache stuff, which i tried to limit with:

max-cache-size 1048576;

    but it didnt helped much .... even with very few thing stored on 
cache, which i can check with 'rndc stats', bind memory keeps growing to 
unnaceptable levels given my very low memory resources. rndc flush, 
which should empty the cache, simply didnt low memory usage, thus 
showing that it's not the cache that's eating that much memory.

    just for comparison, maradns, another caching nameserver (not simply 
dns forwarder, it's a recursive server) that i'm used to run on OpenWRT, 
has a memory usage of about 1Mb and it didnt vary too much from that. Of 
course maradns dont have LOOOTS of features bind has .... but i'm really 
interested on running bind because i'll have to configure some DNSSec 
verifications and none of these 'small' DNS servers do that.

    question is .... is there something i can do to low bind's memory 
usage and successfully run it on those very low embedded devices ???


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