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Sun Dec 14 12:29:46 UTC 2008

JINMEI Tatuya / ???? escreveu:
>>     question is .... is there something i can do to low bind's memory 
>> usage and successfully run it on those very low embedded devices ???
> Admittedly, BIND9 tends to require a lot of memory.  I'm not sure if
> it can reasonably function with a total system memory of 32MB.
> Some related points:
> - if you enable threads, disable them.  With the thread support BIND9
>   will require even more memory.
    yes threads are already disabled. Compilation is done this way:

                --enable-shared \
                --enable-static \
                --enable-ipv6 \
                --with-randomdev="/dev/urandom" \
                --disable-threads \
                --with-openssl="$(STAGING_DIR)/usr" \
                --with-libtool \
                --with-libxml2=no \
                , \
                BUILD_CC="$(TARGET_CC)" \

> - "max-cache-size 1048576" is a meaningless configuration:
>              Any positive values less than 2MB will be ignored reset
>              to 2MB.
>   (from ARM)
    i do RTFM :)  .... and on the options section, max-cache-size 
description, there's nothing about that. But if you say so, i'm sure 
it's there somewhere :) I have done a quick search on 9.5 ARM and really 
didnt find it .....

    anyway, i successfully found that validation on the code ... 
dns_cache_setcachesize and DNS_CACHE_MINSIZE ..... anything smaller than 
2Mb is replaced by 2Mb. Anyway, even the 1Mb being meaningless, it would 
force the DNS_CACHE_MINSIZE (2Mb) to be used and not the default one 
which is 32Mb. Even if the 1Mb parameter is ignored, the 2Mb would be 
something to me, comparing to 32Mb default one.

    anyway, thanks for the tip. I would never realize that.


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