Issue with case changing from master on BIND 9 to slave on BIND 8

Ben Croswell ben.croswell at
Mon Dec 15 15:51:09 UTC 2008

I reaching out to the list on what appears to be a very odd issue that
happened over the weekend.
We had an issue where some internal domains had the TLD capitalized after
the zone transfer.
i.e. on the master became on the slave.
I know that DNS is case insensitive but it caused an issue with apps that
were misbehaving.

The master is BIND 9.2.1 and the slaves in question are 8.2.3.
The master zone has everything lower case, and BIND 9 slaves show them as
lower case as well.
A manual zone xfer on the 8.2.3 boxes to a different local directory than
the actual named directory shows .COM.

I was wondering if anyone had experienced an issue like this.

And I understand both of those version are ancient and need to be removed
from the environment.

-Ben Croswell
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