Bind 9.5 configuration doubt

Stacey Jonathan Marshall Stacey.Marshall at Sun.COM
Wed Dec 17 09:53:48 UTC 2008

Reinaldo Matukuma wrote:
> Hello.
>> I'm in doubt about defining a SOA record to a zone.
>> Is this correct and valid?
>> $TTL    86400
>> @                       1D IN SOA       @ root (
>>                                        42              ; serial (d.
>> adams)
>>                                        3H              ; refresh
>>                                        15M             ; retry
>>                                        1W              ; expiry
>>                                        1D )            ; minimum
>>                        1D IN NS        @
>>                        1D IN A
>> www                     IN A  
>> This is just a example. In fact, my zone will be a public zone with 
>> valid
>> ip addresses.
>> My doubt is if it's correct specify the "owner" and "source-dname" with
>> "@", once "@" denotes the current origin. If I used $ORIGIN like in 
>> example
>> then I suppose that "@" will define just "" too.
>> But I make this test into a interna DNS server and look as a valid
>> configuration.
I've seen a number of configurations where the $ORIGIN is set and then 
the '@' sign is used as the first position in the SOA.
But I've never understood that as I thought that the idea of the @ was 
to use the ORIGIN as defined in the 'zone' statement.  Either way the 
ISC training suggested that the @ not be used in practice as its often 
looked-over and inappropriately copied to other files.  Therefore I 
would suggest that placing the '@' character in other locations really 
isn't a good idea.  think about the inverse address, the above isn't 
going to work there.

One other nit, we see the last value of the SOA commented with 'minimum' 
all the time, but since RFC 2308 - Negative Caching of DNS Queries (DNS 
NCACHE) - Its the negative cache value when a $TTL is present.

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