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Holger Honert holger.honert at signal-iduna.org
Wed Dec 17 11:36:56 UTC 2008

Hi Fred,

check out dig with the zone-transfer option (man dig):

       The -t option sets the query type to type. It can be any valid 
query type which is supported in BIND 9. The default
       query type is "A", unless the -x option is supplied to indicate a 
reverse lookup. A zone transfer can be requested
       by specifying a type of AXFR. When an incremental zone transfer 
(IXFR) is required, type is set to ixfr=N. The
       incremental zone transfer will contain the changes made to the 
zone since the serial number in the zone's SOA
       record was N.



Fred Zinsli schrieb:
> Hello all
> Well I have a basic setup going and it seems to function.
> What I am wanting to know is, is there a way of getting all of the
> information pertaining to a specific domain name.
> Currently I am using nslookup and dig, but I only seem to get basic
> information.
> IE, dig domain.com only produces ns and A record information.
> I have done things like dig txt chaos domain.com
> I am wanting to be able to see all entries, A,MX,PTR,CNAME,TXT,etc
> Any comments would be most helpful.
> Regards
> Fred
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