dnsperf and BIND memory consumption

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Tue Dec 23 00:15:41 UTC 2008

JINMEI Tatuya / ???? wrote:
> At Tue, 2 Dec 2008 00:35:32 -0500,
> Vinny Abello <vinny at tellurian.com> wrote:
>> 	For what it's worth, I just want to contribute that I can
>> 	confirm this behavior on my systems as well. On BIND 9.5.0-P2,
> From an off-list discussion, I found there was indeed memory leak in
> the code of 9.5.0-P2 (so I was wrong in suspecting it might be the
> FreeBSD thread library).
> Can you try the patched copied below to see whether it solves the
> problem?


I have been following this issue, but I haven't seen any conclusive
statements that any of the proposed solutions are effective and I
don't want to make a change to the port without knowing for sure that
it's the right one (and unfortunately I don't have an amd64 system to
do testing on).

So, can someone please state affirmatively if the proposed patch to
the port (ARCH=           x86_64) results in the right stuff in
config.log, AND results in a named that doesn't experience the leaks?

And can someone please state affirmatively that the patches to acl.c
and iptable.c do the right thing, with or without the patch to the port?




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