Server mostly caching-only + acache

yata at yata at
Tue Dec 23 09:34:35 UTC 2008

On 22 Gru, 23:51, JINMEI Tatuya / 神明達哉 <Jinmei_Tat... at> wrote:
> At Mon, 22 Dec 2008 01:47:37 -0800 (PST),
> y... at wrote:
> > I think to change to version 9.4.3 because of interesing feature
> > "acache".
> > I would like to speed up response time for my clients.
> > My DNS server is mostly (95%) caching-only:
> > 7 named    3294M 3299M    21% 336:00:11  16%
> > Do you think after "acache-enable yes" bind will create "internal
> > short-cut" and
> > response time for client will be reduced?
> No, "acache" is specifically intended to be used for authoritative
> servers.  It doesn't improve anything for a caching (only) server.
Just to be sure.
When my server start working and have clear memory and for example
client need go to My server ask root servers. After
follow the tree, server got answer and send this to the client. Can
bind support internal short-cut (hash table) to speed up this request
for another client who ask about or I can only short
response time when I am authoritative server and have a lot of domains
using acache?

> But if your server is a multi-processor/core machine, 9.4.x (and
> onward) is worth trying with enabling threads.  Its better support for
> threads will improve response time comparing with 9.3.
Thank you for information I will test 9.4.x.


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