Using bind 9.5.0 with Active directory

Nico De Ranter nico at
Tue Dec 23 14:57:38 UTC 2008


I need to create a new Windows 2008 domain in a network with an existing
Bind setup.  I know I need dynamic DNS for the Windows domain. I also
know I need GSS support to get secure dynamic updates and this is
supported in Bind 9.5.0. However I can't figure out how to configure
everything properly (how do I generate the gss credentials? what if I
don't have a Kerberos server yet?).  Is there anybody who can point me
to some documentation on how to bootstrap a Windows domain installation
in a bind environment?  I'm not interested in running Bind on Windows, I
can find plenty of info about that but my binds are running just fine on
linux. The main issue is getting secure dynamic updates working.

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