DNS Recognition

eltiare jnicoll at gnexp.com
Wed Dec 24 19:29:29 UTC 2008

Hello all,

  Got a total newb here to DNS. I've purchased the book DNS and BIND
from O'Reilly, and most of it makes sense to me. However, there is one
thing that has been bugging me, and it's that I can't figure out how
the life of me I am supposed to point registrar's to my domain name
server. The one with which I am registered only wants the _names_ of
the DNS and not IP addresses, and I am confused as to how I am
supposed to assign names (like ns1.my-domain.com) to my domain name
servers. Even if you could get me pointed with some docs that would
help me out, it would be appreciated. I've spent about a day looking
for this information now.

Jeremy Nicoll

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