Domains ignored on named start

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Sun Dec 28 17:44:09 UTC 2008

I did have this issue on Linux. Check the permission of the file
( and retry. ALso if you
have syslog message that would help.


On Dec 24, 8:47 am, "Robert G. Brown" <b... at> wrote:
> BIND 9.2.4 on CentOS 4.3. running with 173 domains, and just encountered a
> problem when adding another domain.
> in /etc/named.conf:
> zone "" {
>         type master; file "hisdomains/" ;
> };
> is a typical zone file (SOA, NS,A and MX records). I
> have lots of these, many generated by script from templates. Both the zone
> file and named.conf check out as OK via named-checkconf  and
> named-checkzone.
> Now, the DNS server is restarted, and with the new changes, we would
> expect to see the new domain served, and log entries such as:
> zone sending notifies (serial 2007040401)
> and
> received notify for zone ''
> What really happens is that neither of these entries appear, and the
> domains are NOT served at all. ON inquiry, the server reports that it is
> still serving 173 domains. Two more domains were configured, with the same
> result.
> Other attempts to fix or diagnose the problem have included moving zone
> records around in named.conf, and typing the records (in case a script has
> inserted a troublesome character), before more steps are taken I wanted to
> ask:
>   Has anyone seen this sort of problem?
>   Is this symptomatic of some sort of exploit?
>   What are the next steps YOU would take to diagnose or isolate the problem?
> I am considering replacing named.conf with a very much smaller file,
> referencing only the new domains, to make sure that there are no side
> effects introduced by other zone files or records. Perhaps I need do this
> a zone at a time, until the problem is encountered again. Still,
> opportunities to do this sort of thing are fleeting and rare, given usage.
> I am hoping that I can upgrade my way out of the problem, as new machines
> are coming, which will be configured with newer versions. However, none of
> these are fixes which show the underlying problem.
>   I look forward to input from this list.
>   Thanks and Regards, Best to all for the holidays!
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>    Looking forward to your replies!
>    With Best Regards, and the Best for the Holidays,
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