Using 2 CPUs with BIND

Mike Diggins mike.diggins at
Sun Dec 28 20:20:31 UTC 2008

I noticed that when BIND 9.2.4 on Redhat Linux (Intel x86) starts, the log 

dns1 named[28513]: starting BIND 9.2.4 -u named -t /var/named/chroot
dns1 named[28513]: using 2 CPUs

When I start BIND on my Solaris 10 SPARC dual CPU (V210) system 9.4.2-P2,
I don't get the message "using 2 CPUs", but that's what I want. I
compiled it with './configure --prefix=/usr/local/bind --enable-threads'
and start it with '/usr/local/bind/sbin/named -n 2 -c /etc/named.conf'.
How do I know it's actually using the two SPARC CPUs?



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