Using 2 CPUs with BIND

Jeremy C. Reed Jeremy_Reed at
Mon Dec 29 18:00:00 UTC 2008

On Mon, 29 Dec 2008, Mike Diggins wrote:

> > > When I start BIND on my Solaris 10 SPARC dual CPU (V210) system 9.4.2-P2,
> > > I don't get the message "using 2 CPUs", but that's what I want. I
> > > compiled it with './configure --prefix=/usr/local/bind --enable-threads'
> > > and start it with '/usr/local/bind/sbin/named -n 2 -c /etc/named.conf'.
> > > How do I know it's actually using the two SPARC CPUs?

It is only logged if ISC_PLATFORM_USETHREADS. I see you configured with 
--enable-threads, but also verify that is defined in 
lib/isc/include/isc/platform.h. Also make sure that you are testing the 
same named that you built and installed from source.

And make sure your logging for the "general" category and "info" level is 
really logged and look at the correct destination for it.

By the way, 9.6.0 rndc status will report the details, for example:
CPUs found: 2
worker threads: 2

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