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Wed Dec 31 00:51:29 UTC 2008

In message <7227c6c70812300937s7a4be464h16db91c6ead8484c at>, "Mike
 Zupan" writes:
> I know of named-checkzone but it doesn't handle missing trailing periods on
> CNAME's like I want it to
> Are there any scripts out there that can better verify if a zone file is
> correct.
> For example named-checkzone says this line is ok
> host IN CNAME
> I know technically it is valid.. but anything out there that might check for
> it?
> Thanks again
> mike

	You want the "do what I mean not what I say instuction".

	If someone want's to add code to check of for CNAME to
	non-existant checks it should be easy.  Remember however
	that CNAME to non-existant is normal for some zones.

	RFC 2317 "parent" zones have lots of such CNAMEs.

	The "host" example above would normally result in a CNAME
	to name within the zone itself.

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