Some domains don't resolve.

Danny Mayer mayer at
Sun Jun 1 21:47:49 UTC 2008

Ezequiel Aguerre wrote:
>> NAT is already a big problem in itself.
> Mmm... that's bad :(. However "dnsmasq" and the DNS server that comes
> bundled with Windows 2003 work OK.
>> Who is The NAT router? Do you control it? Can you vouch
>> for it? (Most CPE middleboxes are lousy.)
> Yep, it's the NAT router. And yes, I'm in total control of it.
>> I suggest to not use this sort of device as a forwarder.
> Thanks for the advice, but no matter what forwarders I use, it's always
> broken. I've tried with mi ISP's forwarders, and other DNS servers (those
> from OpenDNS, and others), with no luck at all :(

Don't use forwarders at all. They are not necessary and makes you 
dependent on someone else's DNS. It's rarely necessary anyway and 
provides you with no real benefits. It's surprising the number of people 
who think that this is of benefit to them.


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