Named service not sending transfers

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Fri Jun 6 21:39:08 UTC 2008

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> I just recently updated our BIND server from 9.2.1 to 9.3.4.  I have 5
> IP addresses in an acl called xfer and I allow xfer in the options
> allow-transfer.  When I restart the named service, there is nothing in
> the logs that show the transfer of an updated zone and the 4 slave
> servers do not receive the transfer either.

As you were performing an update, why not migrate to the current version,

> Is there something else I need to set to get the transfer working?

There will be no transfer if the slaves already have up-to-date copies of
the zone(s).

> Can I force a transfer of a zone?

Yes.  Increment the serial number and reload at the master.

> Doesn't that happen automatically when the service is restarted?

See above - and only if notify is enabled.

> Thanks in advance for any input.
> Denise Lopez
> UCLA - Center for Digital Humanities
> Network Services
> Linux Systems Engineer
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As one of the original 4 nodes on the ARPANet, UCLA collectively should know

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