Some domains don't resolve.

Danny Mayer mayer at
Mon Jun 9 03:54:28 UTC 2008

Barry Margolin wrote:
> In article <g2dhd2$1mb8$1 at>,
>  Sten Carlsen <ccc2716 at> wrote:
>> The question as I read it, is if a very small amount of users will 
>> benefit most from using the cached lookups of a large number of users 
>> (the whole ISP population) or from having their own independent resolver.
>> I have that situation here, I first used forward but later switched to 
>> just resolving. My feeling (I have no statistics) is clearly in favour 
>> of NOT forwarding. I don't see any speed penalty in real life but got 
>> rid of some mysterious issues that happened while forwarding and the 
>> speed seems to be higher.
> I'm not saying that I recommend forwarding.  I don't, because it adds an 
> extra layer of dependency, and the benefit is probably not worth it.
> I was just refuting the guy who said that the theory that you get better 
> cache hits is a myth.

That is the problem. It's just a theory. The theory correctly says that. 
The problem is that theories are not what happens in practice and you 
rarely really benefit from it.


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