Weird results....

Luis Fernando Lacayo lflacayo at
Mon Jun 9 17:27:09 UTC 2008

Hi all, 

I am struggling to get this working for me. 

I have a total of 4 servers. 1 master and 3 slaves.  I have 2 networks
129.77 and 128.5 in two different data centers.

For the sake of argument: 

the two on the 129.177 network (co-wan03 (.18) the master and co-wan02
(.17) a slave, on the 128.5 il-wan07 (.41) and il-wan08 (.42) both
slaves to 129.177.18.

from the slaves I can do lookups to my local domains (8000+ including
reverse zones) with no problem, going out from a slave to resolve a zone
that I am not the Authority I get a message "** server can't find NXDOMAIN", however when I do it from within the master
server it resolves just fine. 

I have checked and recursive is set to yes on all 4 of the servers. 

if any one has an Idea of what I am doing wrong it will must likely cure
my headache that I have since Friday.



Luis Fernando Lacayo
Chicago Public Schools
Senior Unix Administrator
ITS/ UNIX Infrastructure
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