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> Hi all, 
> I am struggling to get this working for me. 
> I have a total of 4 servers. 1 master and 3 slaves.  I have 2 networks
> 129.77 and 128.5 in two different data centers.
> For the sake of argument: 
> the two on the 129.177 network (co-wan03 (.18) the master and co-wan02
> (.17) a slave, on the 128.5 il-wan07 (.41) and il-wan08 (.42) both
> slaves to 129.177.18.
> from the slaves I can do lookups to my local domains (8000+ including
> reverse zones) with no problem, going out from a slave to resolve a zone
> that I am not the Authority I get a message "** server can't find
> NXDOMAIN", however when I do it from within the master
> server it resolves just fine. 

Being a master or slave has nothing to do with how remote domains are 
resolved.  Master and slave only specify how your local domains are 
loaded into the server's memory.  So whatever the problem is, I think 
it's a coincidence that it's affecting the slaves and not the master (I 
guess you configured all the slaves similarly, so made the same mistake 
on all of them).

> I have checked and recursive is set to yes on all 4 of the servers. 
> if any one has an Idea of what I am doing wrong it will must likely cure
> my headache that I have since Friday.

These problems are with applications running on the servers themselves, 
or with users whose resolvers point to the slaves?

If it's with applications on the servers, check their /etc/resolv.conf 
files.  Maybe the slaves are pointing to the wrong place.

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