"No A record found for edtweb12"

Blaine Fleming groups at digital-z.com
Thu Jun 12 16:44:24 UTC 2008

Michael Coumerilh wrote:
> He asked his host about this, and they basically said, "It's not  
> misconfigured, and NS23 and NS24 are the same computer anyway, so it  
> wouldn't matter." It seems to me that the secondary NS  
> (ns24.empiredatatech.com) is where the problem lies. My theory is that  
> once the local DNS server requests the page, if it returns the  
> secondary NS it will fail. If, however it returns the primary server  
> it comes up as usual.
> Can someone please help confirm this?

ns23.empiredatatech.com timed out repeatedly on me but both seemed to 
return the same responses.  These guys have some ugly mistakes in their 
zones and the fact that both nameservers are the same computer scares 
me.  I'm betting they won't care if you ask them to fix it so I really 
recommend moving the hosting or at least the DNS.  Of course, that's 
just my opinion.


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