programming / protocol question about client-side caching

Michael B Allen ioplex at
Mon Jun 16 06:39:03 UTC 2008


I'm not sure where to ask generic protocol questions (is c.p.d dead?)
so please redirect me if necessary.

I have an HTTP server module that does a lot of DNS SRV and A lookups
for kerberos, ldap, etc. I have my own DNS client library to which I
am currently adding a cache. However, I don't recall ever seeing a DNS
client cache query results so I have to wonder if there's a reason.

Is there any reason why a DNS client should *not* cache query results?

Also, my cache can "round-robin" entries for a given name to emulate
the behavior of a DNS server. But it's not smart enough to know if the
server from which it retrieved the entries uses round-robin behavior
or not. Is there any reason why a DNS client cache should *not*
round-robin entries?


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