CNAME Listing in BIND for Domain Outside of My Control

sillz beth.stover at
Wed Jun 18 21:29:22 UTC 2008

On Jun 10, 11:50 pm, "D. Stussy" <s... at> wrote:
> "sillz" <beth.sto... at> wrote in message
> news:g2nkj7$2ouo$1 at
> > ...
> > Now for disaster recovery purposes, I'd like to create a CNAME or
> > alias to a blog site but have it resolve under my domain name.
> As noted in another reply, you've only done HALF the job.  You need to tell
> the web server about the alias.

I was able to create the alias in DNS.  The BLOG provider offers a
feature that allows you to redirect to a new domain name.  This worked
perfectly.  Thanks for all of the help.

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