views, recursion, and allow-recursion

R Dicaire kritek at
Mon Jun 23 02:45:23 UTC 2008

On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 10:25 PM, Alan Clegg <Alan_Clegg at> wrote:
> You are providing a referral to the roots for labels that you are not
> authoritative for.
> This is normal, but shows that those clients are asking you for
> recursion (which you are not willing to do).  You need to find those
> clients and reconfigure them to use the correct recursive servers.

Ok, thanks. And the clients querying my nameserver for . NS are not
mine, they come from
208.78.169.* and 204.11.51.*

Examples from syslog before I changed my configuration:

Jun 22 04:42:07 rdb named[4431]: client query
(cache) './NS/IN' denied
Jun 22 04:46:17 rdb named[4431]: client query
(cache) './NS/IN' denied

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