Split pocket DNS question

Barry Margolin barmar at alum.mit.edu
Mon Jun 23 21:15:25 UTC 2008

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> I have  a potentially stupid question but here goes anyway.  I configured my 
> DNS servers in a splitpocket configuration in my DMZ.  I have 2 zones 
> internal and external but I only have 1 interface on the DNS servers.  My 
> firewall has a global set of external IP's that will get forwarded to the DNS 
> servers.  My question is with respect to zone transfers.  With one interface 
> on the box when I restart my DNS services the private IP space gets sent to 
> my slave DNS server as my public addresses so dnsstuff will say my DNS 
> servers are being advertised as 172.16.x.x addresses which obviously causes 
> problems.  Now the stupid question...
> Am I supposed to have 2 interfaces in my Split DNS machines ?

You don't need 2 interfaces, but you do need 2 IPs on the one interface.  
The slaves should use the "transfer-source" option in each view to 
ensure that they transfer the appropriate version of each zone.

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