no address records (A or AAAA) for mx record

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Sat Jun 28 09:20:19 UTC 2008

> I have a zone defined with sub zones.  The zone has mx records that 
> point to the sub zone.
> Such as the mx records for
> -> MX      10
> has an A record defined, but when I run 
> named-checkzone I get an error:
> zone '' has no address records 
> (A or AAAA)
> everything is working fine, so I am just curious if I'm doing something 
> wrong.  Everything is dynamic, and I'm having trouble creating MX 
> records with nsupdate, so I am wondering if this is related.

	You most probably havn't correctly delegated,
	no NS records in the zone.  named and named-checkzone
	look at the zone in isolation and there are no A or AAAA
	records in the zone.  Add the NS RRset to delegate
	and the error message will go away.

> Running Bind 9.4.2 on freebsd 7
> thanks,
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