"malformed transaction" Message BIND 9.5.0

Barry Finkel b19141 at anl.gov
Fri Jun 27 15:25:25 UTC 2008

I wrote on Feb 04 in reply to a posting "Re: Leases on Dynamic Updates?":

>>I have 3 DCs, but I only treat ONE as a master for my BIND slaves.
>>I do not remember if I have DNS running on all three DCs.
>>I have no problem with the IXFR from the one DC to a BIND 9.4.1-P1
>>slave.  But I do occasionally have problems with IXFR from that one
>>BIND slave to the other BIND slaves, per this message:
>>     Feb  1 15:26:20 dns0 named[161]: [ID 873579 daemon.error]
>>       malformed transaction: cmt224.rev.jnl
>>       last serial 2001072827 != transaction first serial 2001072826
>>I have not completed the research to determine whether the problem is
>>in the IXFR packaging from the MS W2k+3 DNS Server or in the IXFR
>>re-packaging on the BIND slave during the transfer to another BIND
>>slave.  The zone in this message is dynamic, with many DDNS updates
>>throughout the day from an MS W2k+3 DHCP Server.  I would need to get
>>packet traces or detailed DNS logging of
>>     1) The DDNS update to the zone
>>     2) The IXFR from the MS DNS Server to the BIND slave
>>     3) The IXFR from the BIND slave to another BIND slave.
>>I did get some traces a few years ago with an older BIND 8, but I have
>>not gotten traces with BIND 9.
>>I have never (as far as I can remember) had any complaints that the
>>information for these dynamic zones (I have one forward and six
>>reverse zones) is not up-to-date.  All of my clients query the BIND
>>slave servers; none is supposed to be configured to query the MS DNS
>>Server, running on the three DCs.

and Mark Andrews replied:

>      Upgrade.
>2230.   [bug]           We could INSIST reading a corrupted journal.
>                        [RT #17132]
>2224.   [bug]           Defer journal compaction if a xfrin is in progress.
>                        [RT #17119]
>2223.   [bug]           Make a new journal when compacting. [RT #17119]
>2194.   [bug]           Close journal before calling 'done' in xfrin.c.

I upgraded to BIND 9.5.0 earlier this week, and after the upgrade I
see a message on one of my BIND 9.5.0 servers:

     Jun 25 09:44:00 puck.it.anl.gov named[20168]:
       [ID 873579 daemon.error] malformed transaction:
       cmt227.rev.jnl last serial 6843 != transaction first serial 6842

I am looking at the logs, dns traces, and snoop traces now.  I have not
yet concluded what is happening.  To what address should I send my
files and summaries?  Thanks.
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