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On Feb 28, 2008, at 8:35 PM, D. Stussy wrote:
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>> On Feb 21, 2008, at 9:58 PM, Gregory Hicks wrote:
>>> If either network provider fails, but the other remains up, the
>>> external world will continue to query your servers providing the
>>> network does what it is supposed to do and provides routes TO your
>>> servers.  They will try one then the other server.  Whichever one
>>> provides the 'fastest' (relatively) response time is the one that is
>>> actually going to get queried.
>> One point I would add is, all zones must be delegated to all four IP
>> addresses for this to work. That generally means giving each name
>> server, in this case, two different names, one for each address.
> Why?  Why can't one have two names that each have two address records?

I said "generally". If you can convince your domain registrar (or  
whoever runs the parent zone) to allow two glue records per name  
server, my understanding is that that would work fine. Otherwise,  
you'll need four names for this situation.

> There should be another server (in another geographic location) as  
> both of
> these are on the same local network (regardless of which address is  
> used to
> reach them).

If the OP plans to use views to route web requests, for example, over  
the same network connection that the DNS requests come over, then  
having an offsite slave will spoil this.

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