bind-9.4.2 failed install

Alan Clegg Alan_Clegg at
Tue Mar 4 13:08:12 UTC 2008

Kristen wrote:
> Configure does not give errors, nor does make. Does not bind create  
> these files when compiled?

 From the BIND FAQ:

Q: 	Isn't "make install" supposed to generate a default named.conf?
A: 	Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: There really isn't a default configuration which fits any 
site perfectly. There are lots of decisions that need to be made and 
there is no consensus on what the defaults should be. For example 
FreeBSD uses /etc/namedb as the location where the configuration files 
for named are stored. Others use /var/named.

What addresses to listen on? For a laptop on the move a lot you may only 
want to listen on the loop back interfaces.

Who do you offer recursive service to? Is there are firewall to 
consider? If so is it stateless or stateful. Are you directly on the 
Internet? Are you on a private network? Are you on a NAT'd network? The 
answers to all these questions change how you configure even a caching 
name server.

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