IP Address Management Tool (IPAM) for DNS and DHCP

Gordon A. Lang glang at goalex.com
Tue Mar 4 21:14:07 UTC 2008

The desire to unify management of ip address space organization,
reservation, allocation, assignment, ... dns and dhcp spontaneously
expands into managing other network resources such as network device
ports and physical plant components.  And similarly the slope is
slippery in the direction of managing virtual entities and groups
such as things established by firewalls and load balancers.  And a
step away would be keeping track of all network attached devices in
terms of hardware, software, location, administrators, and application
owners.  Such a utopian management tool that ties together network
security, disaster recovery, asset management, revision control, and
so forth would be the ultimate goal of expanding the capabilities of
an IPAM system.
A complete infrastructure database system that is directly tied to
ISC BIND, ISC DHCP, Cisco PIX, Cisco CSS, etc......  please don't
wake me up from my day dream.....

....well, whatever you do to BIND, please keep it open and flexible.
A good API, accompanied by some starter code, would be nice....not
that I might personally do any coding any more.

By the way, we use "IP Control" from "BT - Diamond IP," and it works very
well with ISC BIND and ISC DHCP.

Gordon A. Lang

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> "Persiko, Mark" <Mark.Persiko at Level3.com> writes:
>> BIND-DLZ looks highly desirable as an augmentation to a DNS management
>> tool (by that, I mean a database with DNS information could be seamlessly
>> tied to BIND servers.)  However, is that part of the standard
>> distribution now, or would it need integration (and optimization) to work
>> its way into BIND 10?
> to the best of my knowledge, DLZ is a standard feature in late model BIND9.
> equivilent functionality will almost certainly find its way into BIND10 (but
> i hope we have hot-spot caches with SQL-triggered invalidation, and i hope we
> can accept RFC2136 updates and back-propagate them into SQL, both of which
> prevent me from running DLZ on my own zones.)  we (ISC) love that BIND9 is
> seen as a general DNS protocol engine for other folks' DNS storage systems.
> what i'm looking for in this thread, though, is management features like
> clustering, XML-based config, better support for GUI, or other reasons why
> people aren't running raw BIND9 and instead pulling in something like
> InfoBlox, M&M, etc.  how can BIND10 better support this functionality, and/or
> better support these vendors, than BIND9 does?
> -- 
> Paul Vixie

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