Bind9 - Reverse net /20 mask

Mauricio Rabello mauricio.redes at
Thu Mar 6 17:03:27 UTC 2008

Hello? I doubt with a setup for Reverse to
The networks contracted to the AS, here is the problem and attitudes held,

I would like obtain information where to set the bind9 to do the reverse of a network
/20 mask and
/18 mask 

See what we have done, and details of the problem:

Configured to bind to the other side for a network / 20
(X.X.48.0/20), but it did not work,
For the resolution of the same and work, divided into various networks / 24,

 Tried on the net, the site of the bind (
And in my draft of the course, but not thought much about it,
For configuration I
Named.conf put in the following way

zone "" {
       type master;
       file "/var/named/";

But not satisfied,
After initial changed to ip / masks and also not satisfied

zone "" {
       type master;
       file "/var/named/";

And the files of zones are thus:

$TTL    86400
@       IN      SOA     XXXXXXXXX. root.XXXXX.  (
                   2008030406 ; Serial
                   28800      ; Refresh
                   14400      ; Retry
                   2592000    ; Expire
                   86400 )    ; Minimum

@               IN      NS      ns2.XXXXXXX.
@               IN      NS      ns3.XXXXXXX.

1.48            IN      PTR
2.48            IN      PTR
3.48            IN      PTR
253.63          IN      PTR
254.63          IN      PTR
255.63          IN      PTR

Used to test
$dig -x ip @ns
$host ip 

Mauricio Rabello

Analista de Redes
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