Transferring of zones that use view.

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Fri Mar 7 13:47:15 UTC 2008

> Hi,
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> Quote from FAQ:
> Q:How can I make a server a slave for both an internal and an external
> view at the same time? When I tried, both views on the slave were
> transferred from the same view on the master. 
> A: You will need to give the master and slave multiple IP addresses and
> use those to make sure you reach the correct view on the other machine. 
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> This might have come up multiply times already...this seems like a
> insane way to transfer "views" in Bind. Is there a patch floating around
> that allows views to be correctly transferred without the need to have a
> lots of spare IP address (ipv4) or the use of the transfer-source
> option ?
> Thanks 
> nils

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