How can I find out who is my domain name server authority

Dawn Connelly dawn.connelly at
Wed Mar 12 02:29:21 UTC 2008

First you want to gain access to the registrant account...looks like it's on
Dotster or someone that is a reseller for Dotster. The admin email account
is listed as hostmaster at Talk to either your email admin and get
the traffic for that account directed to your inbox or talk to the person
that actually reads that email. You can normally reset the password using
the email account. Select "lost password" and enter the domain and the email
listed in the whois database. The registrant will normally send you a link
to reset the password or a temporary password to get in.
If you aren't able to get email out of hostmaster at, call the
registrant and explain the situation to them. They will most likely want you
to send letterhead and bills showing that you have a legit reason to access
the account. They'll tell you exactly what they need to reset the password
for you.

Once you are in the account, make sure to update the whois information.
You'll also be able to update the IP addresses of your DNS servers. I've
seen in the past where root servers don't see the changes...but that was
with network solutions (shocking, right?). If you have more than just the
one domain delegated to the new ip'd server, you'll need to change all the
domain delegations. There should be somewhere to change the info. If you
don't see it, call the registrant. Keep in mind that it will take up to 72
hours for the change to fully replicate depending on the registrant.

On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 5:11 PM, sabo <sloan949 at> wrote:

> I have moved my server from one isp to another.  I need to change the
> IP address that my domain name resolves to,  I dont have acccess to
> the account that controls the current primary nameserver.
> I have a domain name registered with go daddy.  I am trying to forward
> that domain name to another domain name OR ip address.  The person who
> set up dns on took their login info with them when they
> disappeared.  I am trying to change the dns settings but cant access
> the account that has control of the current dns server at
> How can I regain control.  I need to do a couple of things since I
> moved my server from one isp to another.  I need to change the IP
> address that is currently resolving to the IP address of the new isp
> provider.    I tried to do this via the dns forwarder at go daddy but
> that will not work since I have custom nameservers that I have no
> control over.
> So can I just change the primary nameserver to another.  If yes how do
> I enter the IP address that I have been given from the new ISP.
> thanks in advance.

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