Why are only com/net/org slow?

John Wobus jw354 at cornell.edu
Wed Mar 12 18:47:21 UTC 2008

>> it could be IPv6.
>> Many nameservers do have both A and AAAA records.
>> Once I got rid of the problem when I removed all IPv6 stuff from my
>> nameserver, to prevent bind from trying IPv6 first and finally 
>> forgetting
>> IPv4 if the queried server had both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
> 	Gross overkill.  "named -4" will achieve the same thing.
> 	I suspect the OP is running Solaris which doesn't report
> 	network unreachable when there is no route to the destination.
> 	Named has to timeout rather than try another address immediately.
> 	Sun is aware of the issue.
> 	Mark

I suspect the issue isn't very high on Sun's priority list.


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