domainkeys and check-names

Matthew Boeckman mboeckman at
Fri Mar 14 18:42:11 UTC 2008

Hello List!

I have read some notes in the archives of this list, as well as a
variety of online docs about implementing domainkeys in bind9, and the
confusion surrounding underscores as part of that. 

I understand that underscores are fine in zone files, but are illegal in
host names.

I understand that check-names allegedly only checks host records, and
this is where my own confusion lies. We have a zone that we have added
two TXT records to for our domainkeys. When I checkconf the server, I
get the following errors about the zone:

bad owner name (check-names)

(full zone snip is below)

My question is: if check-names ignores TXT records, why is it
complaining about this? 

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Zone file for

$TTL 300 ; 6 hours
@       IN      SOA
                                2008031402      ; Serial
                                1200    ; Refresh
                                300     ; Retry
                                86400   ; Expire
                                3600 )  ; Minimum
       IN      NS
       IN      NS
       IN      NS
       IN      NS     IN     TXT     "t=y; o=-"  IN     TXT     "k=rsa; t=y;


        IN      A

www     IN      A

Matthew Boeckman
Sr. Systems Administrator
mboeckman at

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